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Bespoke Packaging

Make your brand stand out against your competitors 


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Sustainable packaging for the retail and e-commerce markets.



Packaging for your brand, business,

e-commerce and products.



Custom luxury durable rigid packaging for high end products.

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Whether you're looking for a fully printed tin or a label to customise one of our stock tins, our design team will be able to create something unique to your product and brand.

Metal packaging is one of the best carriers available with its wide variety of finishes, styles and strength, helping your product to look good whilst protecting the contents.

Our tins have visually superior finishes in comparison to other packaging whilst offering great product protection. It's safe, clean and non-toxic with the highest recycling rates of any packaging material. We can create complex shapes and designs, tell us about your packaging goals and we will be able to help.

Wooden Boxes


We offer flexibility in terms of the type of wood, coloured stains, sizes and finishes used for our boxes. Simply choose your product and favorite colour to create something truly unique.

You can engrave or print a logo or message onto any of our wooden boxes. A perfect corporate branding opportunity! They make great gifts or unique bulk wooden packaging for products or promotions.

Branding techniques we offer: Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Foil Blocking, Heat Impression Printing, Laser Engraving and Heat Transfer Printing.

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Boxes with LCD Screen
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We fuse many different technologies into Video Presentation Boxes & Packaging to make your products stand out in a very memorable way.  These are a luxury gift box with an integrated video message that gets your perfect message across every time.

Whether used for giving cool swag or promotional products in the Video Box or your sales kit, if you want to be different and catch someone’s attention this is the way to do it. We customize every part of your project, from the size of the box, size of LCD Screen adding other technology like LED in Print or Pop up Displays. Building dreams come natural for us over at Fuse, give us a call to build your dream sales kit.


Tall Diffuser Style Cardboard Tubes: these tall cardboard tubes feature a long slip lid which sits over a short base section. They are ideal for packaging products such as diffusers, perfumes, foodstuffs and other items where you want to avoid tipping the cardboard tube upside down to get the contents out.

Cardboard Jars: This range of cardboard jars feature a water resistant coating which makes them ideal for foodstuffs such as biscuits and confectionery as well as for cosmetics such as creams, balms, gels and powders.

Push-up Base Cardboard Tubes: These cardboard tubes feature a push-up base and have a water resistant internal liner. This makes them suitable environmental alternative for items such as deodorant, waxes, lip sticks and balms.

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Carboard Tubes
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Personalized labels and stickers are both a versatile and a cost-effective marketing tool used by businesses and brands across every industry. Not only can they be used for advertising and promotional purposes, but they can also be used for information, directions and dozens of other uses.


Our personalized papers are suitable for food-to-go catering establishments, hotels, pubs and restaurants and can be customized and printed to your requirements.


We offer personalized ribbons to make any occasion or event personal. Printed ribbon is the perfect choice for wrapping gifts, corporate branding, retail packaging, weddings and much more.

Packaging Extras
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