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Corrugated Boxes

Sustainable packaging for the retail and e-commerce markets.



For many ecommerce businesses the packaging used and customer experience when it comes to opening that packaging is a key part of their brand experience. A simple cardboard box may well be tough enough to get an item delivered in one piece, but it will often fall far short of the wider branding of a modern ecommerce business.

Our expert designers working closely with the client and State of the art 3D CAD technology make it possible for us to design and visualise boxes of every shape, size and style.

IterumFIVE technology enables us to create designs using two colours on the outside of the packaging and as many as three on the inside. This ensures that the brand message of a client’s website and promotional material is reflected in the packaging, combining this with technology our Die cut facilities allow us to create custom packaging designs.

Ecommerce Packaging


Any business that needs to purchase postal packs is looking for a combination of sustainability, durability, quality, value and flexibility. Whether you’re sending items a few miles down the road or across to the other side of the world, you want to be certain that the postal boxes you use are robust enough to keep the items safe, light enough to reduce postal costs to a minimum and quick and convenient to use.

Our design team can work with clients to create die-cut cardboard boxes to a bespoke design, utilising the latest in 3D CAD technology to create tailored boxes which minimise waste, keep costs lower and ensure that the finished postal box is perfectly suited to package the items in question.

When the time comes, our postal packs can be assembled quickly and simply, utilising features such as flaps, locking tabs, hinged lids and self-seal strips to maximise efficiency and speed the time it takes for items to be packaged and posted.

Postal Packs
self sealing.png


In many cases a standard box, such as the FEFCO 0426 will be all that’s needed, but we can also often add features. One popular addition which many businesses make use of is the self-sealing strip which we can add to the existing cardboard box.

A self-sealing strip will speed up the process of packing and sealing goods in order to ship them safely. Saving just a few seconds on each parcel could amount to a huge saving in staff time and expenses. It also offers a particularly strong and reliable means of closing a box along with a robust but lightweight nature helping to ensure that anything packed inside it reaches the intended destination in the best possible condition.

As well as the sustainable robust and high quality nature of our products, we offer each customer a comprehensive design service. Our experienced team of expert designers works closely with each client, using state of the art 3D CAD technology in order to create bespoke designs which meet the requirements of each client exactly.

Self-Sealing Boxes


The advantages of custom made die cut boxes become clear as soon as you use them. They keep products safe and secure, they lower the cost of shipping and storage, and they can be supplied with features like hinged lids, self-seal strips and locking tabs. Our innovative SpeedSTOCK facility means that we can fill urgent orders and meet last minute requirements, all without compromising on quality or value.

In simple terms, a die cut box is one which opens out into an irregular shape when flat. In business terms, it means packaging tailored specifically for your product, supply line and retail requirements. As well as standard die cut templates, we can work with you to create something completely unique, designed as the perfect match for your product and brand.

Die Cut Boxes


If you have one or more items which need to be supported within the interior of a larger box, then divisions and fittings are the answer. They are particularly useful if you have to transport delicate items such as glassware, ceramics or electrical components. They will provide the protection your products need during transit and storage, and will do so in a way which minimises disruption and keeps your supply lines running smoothly.

The divisions and fittings we provide are manufactured from corrugated packaging in our facility, and offer a convenient and sustainable solution to the problems of transporting sensitive products. By focusing on efficiency in design and manufacture, we’ll minimise the weight added to any packaging by divisions and fittings, helping you to keep transportation costs down.

Divisions and Fittings


If you work in the drinks manufacturing sector then you’ll know from experience that drinks packaging has to fulfil two hugely important purposes. No matter what the kind of drink in question is – from soft drinks, through beer to wines and spirits – the packaging provided for it has to be strong enough to provide protection during transport and storage, and visually appealing enough to ensure the product stands out in the retail environment.

In a crowded market place, your product has a matter of seconds to attract the attention of shoppers and convince them to make a purchase. The drinks on either side will have been packaged with the same intent, so you have to make sure that yours has packaging which is designed and produced in a way which makes it stand out from the pack.

If you’re looking for packaging which provides a practical solution to the issue of storing and shipping delicate glass bottles, at the same time as playing a key role in marketing the product inside those bottles, then you’ve come to the right place.

Drinks Packaging


Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) is also known as Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) and it marks the point at which the demands of packaging meet the requirements of retail. Retail ready packaging has to be robust and stable enough to protect products during storage and shipping, at the same time as being designed in a way which maximises the impact of products once they take their place on the shop floor.

Because we work in close partnership with our clients we understand that one of the basic requirements of retail ready packaging is that it works equally well at every point along the chain of distribution. From being easy to stack in a warehouse and simple to load onto transportation, our RRP solutions are also visibly distinctive, easy to open and quick to transfer from the storage room to the shelf of a shop.

Retail Ready Packaging
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