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We work along a BRC food safety certificated company


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Our embroidery machines ensure all sewed and embroidered images along with text will have a personal, unique and professional finish, using up to 12 thread colours. If you are looking for custom embroidery for your business, personalized gifts or  promotional clothing, we can do it all!



Our computerized engraving system will personalize inside rings and bangle bracelets as easily as engraving curved glass frames or crystal glasses, engrave a date on the side of a watch or the curved top of a sterling silver ring, create a signature on a leather wallet in the customers own handwriting or reproduce a logo in wood/mdf component.



You can add monograms, messages, art and designs onto T-shirts, handkerchiefs, dishtowels, aprons, pillow cases, cushions, pet accessories, décor, and so much more. We can help you to differentiate your business by creating unique, one-of-kind gifts and accessories.

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Products like biscuits, confectionery and stationary booklets or collations of both can be wrapped in food grade polypropylene with a crimp seal top and bottom and fin seal running the length of the pack.

Flow wrapping is a packaging process that over wraps a product within a film. This film can be clear, opaque or printed in up to 10 colors. Items that you can flow-wrap include: direct mail, brochures , sweets, biscuits, and confectionery.

Flow wrapping and shrink wrapping are the most cost effective solution for customers requiring packaging for special or promotional items from display to multi- packs. Film can be designed and produced using customer artwork and specifications. The horizontal flow wrappers can produce 50,000 items per daily shift. We can apply euro-slots for hanging packs.

Flow Wrap
Shrink Wrap


Shrink-wrapping is probably the most inexpensive and popular form of packaging. With automatic and manual shrink wrapping machines we are able to accommodate many shapes and sizes in large or small volumes.

Using Shrink-wrap helps protect the product from dust and dirt, it is regularly used to create multi-packs. The process involves enclosing the products in a film and then exposing that film to heat, this shrinks the film onto the product.

Shrink wrap is one of the most versatile types of packaging available. It can give your products a professional finish and extra protection. We only use high quality shrink films to ensure our clients receive the best results possible.

Over Wrap


Overwrapping is a low cost method for encapsulating in a tight wrap, box shaped products, which can incorporate a tear tape for easy opening. We are able to support the food industry through investment in clean room facilities. Ink-jet coding and automatic label application machinery are also available.

We already successfully support a number of brand leaders so we are confident we can offer a tailor made quality service that compliments your business.

Film options range from the simple clear and unprinted polypropylene wrap to printed lamination’s. For products which will be contained in a secondary package the clear film is suitable. There are a variety of film which can be printed including foil laminates which provide excellent barrier to odour and moisture permeation.

Promotional Items


Would your business benefit from “Promotion Sweets” or Promotional Goods?

As contract packers we are able to offer you great prices.

Promotional Gifts can come in the form of Personalised Chocolate, Retro Sweets, Personalised Gifts, Wedding Sweets, Promotional Products or Chocolate Gifts. They can be used for Exhibition Handouts, Reception Sweets, Sport Day Gifts, Golf Day Gifts, Corporate Day Gifts, Promotions or Supermarket Promotions.

We can do many types of contract packing including handworking products if they are of a difficult nature and cannot be produced by machines.

Clip Strips
Barcoding & Labelling
clip strips.jpg


We will mount your Clip Strip product on your chosen/provided Clip Strips, Hang Tabs, S Clips, Adhesive Hooks, Shelf Wobblers etc.

We have a wide range of Clip Strips hanging display solutions, which are quick and easy to apply. Our products are currently hanging and displaying millions of retail articles in-stores.

We also offer Custom Made designs for all our customers. Our design team can create new hang tag and clip strips technical drawings in compliance with your specifications.

Manufacturing new clip strips only takes two weeks from approval and clip strips within three weeks.



Most products require BARCODING these days and we have high-tech labelling and printing machines to cope with all your Barcode needs. Whether it is on labels or directly onto the packaging we can do it.


We are labelling and re-labelling specialists. Many of our clients don’t just want us to pack their items, they want us to label or re-label them too. Our high speed computerised labelling and re-labelling machines, assisted by our experienced handlers can provide cost a effective labelling service to your business.

Point of Sale Display
point of sale.png


POS Displays tend to be manufactured from cardboard and brightly decorated to be “eye catching”. From a Contract Packing perspective, it is imperative that every Point of Sale Display Unit leaves our facility in 100% pristine condition to safeguard your company’s image. 

Point-of-sale display (POS) is a specialised form of retail promotion that is found next to, on, or near to a shop/supermarket/retail outlet checkout counter.

Usually, in small retail shops, POS displays are provided by the manufacturer of the products, and also sited, stocked, restocked and maintained by one of their sales representatives. However, this is not as usual in supermarkets as they aim to control the activities of their suppliers because of their purchasing power, and prefer to use their own material designed to be consistent with their in-store theming and store layout.

Contract Packers


Any business that needs to purchase postal packs is looking for a combination of sustainability, durability, quality, value and flexibility. Whether you’re sending items a few miles down the road or across to the other side of the world, you want to be certain that the postal boxes you use are robust enough to keep the items safe, light enough to reduce postal costs to a minimum and quick and convenient to use.

Our design team can work with clients to create die-cut cardboard boxes to a bespoke design, utilising the latest in 3D CAD technology to create tailored boxes which minimise waste, keep costs lower and ensure that the finished postal box is perfectly suited to package the items in question.

When the time comes, our postal packs can be assembled quickly and simply, utilising features such as flaps, locking tabs, hinged lids and self-seal strips to maximise efficiency and speed the time it takes for items to be packaged and posted.

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